Redirect calls from head office to branch office


The article below provides you a solution if you want calls arriving the head office IVR to be redirected to the branch office.

Specifically in the IVR of head office, caller could dial the extension number or DID number of branch office which allows the call redirected to branch office.

In the following, we talks about the the call redirected to the call center in the branch office.

Requirement and basic configuration:

This solution is tested on S-Series PBX with firmware version
IP address (LAN) of S-PBX_head:
IP address (LAN) of S-PBX_branch:


Configuration settings

  1. Create interconnection in between S-PBX_head and S-PBX_branch with peer trunk mode (refer to Figure 1 and Figure 2 below)


Figure 1


Figure 2

  1. Verify if both trunks are up and running by navigating to PBX Monitor -> Trunks
  2. Create an inbound route to take the incoming calls to head office IVR system.
  3. Create an IVR and configure it well so as to ensure the incoming calls to be redirected to the branch office call center instead.


  1. Create an outbound route in order for calls arriving IVR system to be redirected to its branch office


Special notes:

Patterns: it is an optional setting; in this case, I set 9. as its dial pattern (don’t forget the dot);

Strip: it is an optional setting; in this case, I set strip value as 1;

Member trunks: select the peer trunk set up to connect to the head office;

Member Extensions: select an any extension in the field or more (it is an irreverent setting, but cannot leave this field as blank due to system requirement);


  1. Note that if you want calls arriving IVR of head office could be connected to the extension user of its branch office, skip step 6. 
    Example: external party calls in the IVR system of head office and after it hears the prompt, the caller could dial the extension number of its branch office directly. 

Special notes:

DID Pattern: set an any number, in this case, I set the number as 5503297

Member Trunks: select the peer trunk set up to connect to the head office

Destination: you can set the destination to a Ring Group or Queue


  1. Now we could make a test call:

 - external party called in 5503296 and hears IVR prompt played from head office PBX;

 - external party then presses 95503297 to reach to Ring Group of Queue in the branch office



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