Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX connect to Avaya CM 6 via SIP TRUNK


Yeastar Model:S100

Avaya server model:DL360

Avaya system version:CM6


 S100 settings

1.Basic settings

  • Add trunk
  • Click adding
  • Select trunk type with ‘peer trunk’
  • Select Transport with ‘TCP’
  • Fill CM6 IP in Hostname/IP
  • Fill S100 IP in Domain


2.Advanced settings

  • Go to Advanced page
  • Unchecked Qualify


At last, remember to click "Save" button and the Apply button at the right upper corner when you finish configuration.


Avaya CM6 settings

1.Signaling Group




2.Trunk group








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    my trunk status is unmonitored to avaya CM 6.3, whats wrong ?

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    I have the same experice with Patric , From Avaya could dial the yeastar's extension ( ringing ) but from yeastar could not make dial to avaya's extension ( no ringing ). already configure Outbound route and configure it with Avaya's extension prefix was using SIP Trunk peer to peer as follow above guidance. Please advice for this matter ?

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