Provisioning Cisco SPA Directory in S-Series

In this guide, we will show you how to provision the directory or phonebook for the Cisco SPA phones.

Please follow the procedure:


1. The Cisco SPA phones show be provisioned previously in DHCP mode by Auto Provisioning APP.


2. Web access should be switched to HTTP mode only. Because Cisco SPA phone can only support the HTTP protocol.


3. Auto Provisioning APP should be equal to or higher than version 1.5.5. (As it is not released with version, please contact our support to check the APP version upgrade.)


4. Upload the Cisco phonebook file in the Auto Provisioning APP. Make sure your phonebook is written in right format. You can check out the attached "cisco.xml" in the end of the article to build your own phonebook.


5. Manually reboot the Cisco SPA phone. To make it perform the provisioning process so that phone will download the phonebook from PBX.


6. Check the directory on the Cisco SPA phone screen after the SPA phone reboot completely.

If the phonebook doesn't appear after reboot. You might try to manually enter the URL on the web interface of Cisco SPA phone like : http://x.x.x.x:8088/cgi/webcgi?autoprovision=download&node=httpdownload&file=upload/phonebook/xxx.xml



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