Using LDAP on Fanvil Phones

In this example, we will demonstrate how to configure and use LDAP phonebook using a Fanvil X4.

Configuring LDAP

  1. Log in the Fanvil X4 web interface, navigate to “Phonebook > Cloud phonebook > LDAP settingspage.
  2. Fill in the LDAP server address, attributes and filter information. 
  3. Once the configuration is done, click “Apply”.


LDAP Configuration Example

The example configurations are set according to S-Series LDAP server default settings. You can use the following settings as a starting point and adjust the filter and display attributes according to your needs.

Display Title: LDAP

Version: Version 3

Server Address:   (IP address of Yeastar S-Series IPPBX)

Server Port: 389

Authentication: None

Line: SIP1 (Line of extension which register on Yeastar S-Series IPPBX)

User Name: cn=admin,dc=pbx,dc=com

Password: password

Search Base: dc=pbx,dc=com

Enable Calling Search: √

Telephone: telephoneNumber

Mobile: mobile

Other: home

Display Name: cn

LDAP Name Filter: objectclass=*

Using LDAP Phonebook

  1. Press the Phonebook key to access it on the Fanvil X4 idle screen.
  2. Press “LDAP” soft key.
  3. Enter the search parameters for name or number as needed.
  4. Press the navigation key to select the desired contact.
  5. Press “Dial” to call the person.
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    I'm using Version, phone is able to detect calls coming in but when trying to access ldap through the phone's menu the phone is stuck at a "loading" screen. (ldap doesn't contain a lot of user, about 100 users but roughly 20-30 of those have phone numbers in them)

    I wonder if it has to do with the default 'telephone' field I've changed...

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    ok I've solved the issue but I can't get the "ldap number filter" to work (doesn't show in the screenshot since it shows up on the new firmware)

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