How to Schedule a Backup in MyPBX


In this article, we introduce how to schedule a backup of MyPBX using a script file.

Step 1. Upload Auto Backup Script File MyPBX via FTP

  1. Log in MyPBX web interface, enable SSH and FTP on LAN Settings


  1. Press Win Key + Eto open the Windows Explorer, type ftp://MyPBX IP in the address bar, press Enter


  1. Enter the user name and password, click Log on.
  • Username: root
  • Password: ys123456


  1. Click hereto download the auto backup file, copy and paste the file to the root folder.



Step 2. Set the Script File Permission via SSH

  1. Log in MyPBX via SSH using PuTTY, enter MyPBX’s IP, choose Connection Type to SSH and set Port to


  1. Click Open and log in MyPBX with the following credential:
  • Login as: root
  • Password:ys123456


  1. Execute the command to set ysautobackup file permission:

   chmod a+x  /persistent/ysautobackup


Step 3. Set Auto Backup Frequency

  1. Edit file by the command: vi /persistent/, type i to enter the Insert mode.


  1. If you want the system to do auto backup at 1stof  every month, type the following contents in the file:

* * 1 * * /persistent/ysautobackup

Explanation of the contents:

minute hour day Of Month Month day Of Week command To Run.


  1. Pressesc key, and type the command :wq to save the quit.

Step 4. Create File

  1. Create an file in the persistent folder by the command:

  vi /persistent/

  1. Type i to enter the Insert mode, copy and paste the following contents in the file:


crond &

crontab  /persistent/


  1. Press esc key, and type the command :wq to save the quit.

Step 5. Reboot MyPBX

Reboot MyPBX manually to make the script take effect.

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  • 0

    I need your help. 
    when executing the command, an error appears:

    root@vgate01:/persistent# ./ysautobackup
    ./ysautobackup: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


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