Integration with Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and SugarCRM


Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX could work perfectly with SugarCRM and help you to achieve the following features:

  • Click to call.
  • Incoming call popup.
  • Take a note during a call, transfer a call and hung up the call with SugarCRM.
  • Check call log in SugarCRM.

 This article provides a step-by-step guide for integration with Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and SugarCRM. In this article, we tested with Yeastar S100 and SugarCRM 6.5.24. 

Connection with SugarCRM and Yeastar S100

1. Enable AMI on Yeastar S100

Before connecting SugarCRM and Yeastar 100, you need to enable AMI on the PBX. Login in Yeastar S100 Web User Interface, navigate to Settings > System > Security > Service, enable and configure AMI.

  • Enable AMI: enable AMI, the default AMI port is 5038
  • User Name: specify the AMI user name.
  • Password: specify the AMI password.
  • Permitted 'IP address/Subnet mask': add permitted IP address and subnet, only the input IP address range can connect the PBX via AMI

2. Install and Activate Asterisk Module

An Asterisk module is required to be installed in SugarCRM for connecting the CRM and Yeastar S100. Many 3rd party companies provide the add-on, such as:

We tested on Tech Extension Asterisk module on SugarCRM. Please refer to the Tech Extension’s support guide Sugar / SuiteCRM Asterisk CTI Integration ( Version A ) to install and activate Asterisk module.

Any problem of the Asterisk module, please contact Tech Extension support:

3. SugarCRM Admin User Configuration

After successful activation of Module, you need to configure “Admin” Module settings and “User” Module settings.

Step 1: Go to Admin Panel.

Step 2: Go to SugarCRM Asterisk Configuration.

Step 3: Enter the URL of SugarCRM and click “Save”.

Step 4: Enter the details of Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX AMI settings.

  • Asterisk IP: //MyPBX IP address
  • UserName: admin  //MyPBX AMI user name
  • Password: password //MyPBX AMI password
  • Internal Channel: SIP
  • External Channel: DAHDI 

Step 5: Click “Save”.

Step 6: Click the administrator account to edit it.

Step 7: Edit the Asterisk User Configuration Panel, enter the extension details. Make sure the extension is registered on your IP phone or softphone. Here we take extension 1000 as an example.

  • Asterisk Extension: 1000
  • Asterisk IP:
  • Context: DLPN_DialPlan2000
  • Channel: PJSIP/1000

Step 8: Click “Save”.

4. Tech Extension Asterisk Module Configuration

Step 1. Access SugarCRM using Putty or other SSH client.

Step 2. Check the file AsteriskProperties.xml in the path:


 Step 3. If all the settings are correct, execute the command: java -jar AsteriskSupport.jar


If you get following message. Check AMI ( Asterisk Manger interface ) User name and Password set on previous steps.

If you get following message. Yeastar S100 and SugarCRM are Successfully Integrated.

Step 4. Download Voip File and extract the zip file.

Step 5. Execute the command “pwd” in putty to get the path:

Step 6. Copy the path and paste it in voip file, save the voip file.

Step 7. Upload voip file in to /etc/init.d/

Step 8. Give voip file permission to 755.

Step 9. Run the command according the where your SugarCRM is installed:

  • Run This Command if you have CentOS: chkconfig voip on && chkconfig –list
  • Run This Command if you have Debain OS: update-rc.d voip defaults

 Tech Extension add-on command

  • check status: service voip status
  • Restart : service voip restart
  • stop: service voip stop
  • Start : service voip start

Handling Calls on Sugar CRM

Click to call

Choose a contact on SugarCRM, click icon   near the number. Your phone which is registered extension 1000 will ring first. Pick up your phone, then a call to the contact will be established.

When a call comes to the user on Sugar CRM, a window will pop up, showing the caller’s information if the caller is listed in Sugar CRM contacts.

Call Transfer

Click  to transfer the call, a window pops up, notifying you to enter the number you’d like to transfer to. After entering the extension number, click “OK” to transfer the call.


Taking Notes during a Call

You can make notes during a call, click “Save Note” when the call is finished. This note will be automatically added to a file that is generated and stored in Sugar CRM after every call.

To view the notes, go to Activities->Calls, you will see all the call logs.

Choose one record and click, you will see the call status, and the auto generated note.






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    how to integration yeastar s100 in vtiger 7.2

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    is there a way to retrieve/trigger from PBX to send call-in number to program/API or something ?

    basically, I would like to S100 to send call-in number to a program (written by me) ...

    eg. someone calls in and my screen pops up the number calling-in ...

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