How to Setup Hot Standby on Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX

Hot Standby Introduction

The Hot Standby solution offers you the ability to provide high system availability, helping to prevent the unnecessary business loss caused by unexpected server failure.
You can set one S-Series PBX as a primary server, set another S-Series PBX as a secondary server.

Note: Hot standby feature is supported on S-Series firmware version or later.

The hot-standby server (secondary server) can automatically and instantly take over if the primary server goes down. Callers still reach the people they need and business can continue as usual.

Precondition: the two servers in the failover pair must meet the following requirements:

  • Same model
  • Same firmware version
  • Same expansion boards and modules installed in the same slots

Hot Standby Scenario

This guide gives instructions of how to configure hot standby on two S-Series PBXs. We have two S100 PBXs, and set up them as the figure below shows.

Setup Hot Standby

STEP 1. Verify the basic information of the two S100 PBXs.
Log in the S100 Web user interface, and click   at the upper right corner to check PBX information.       

STEP 2. Edit the PBX hostname to verify the two S100 PBXs.
Go to “Settings > System > Network > Basic Settings”, change the hostname for the two S100.  


  • Hot standby only work for LAN port. If you choose “Dual” network mode, please set the default interface to LAN port.

STEP 3. Set up hot standby service for the two PBXs.
Go to “Settings > System > Hot Standby” to configure hot standby settings.

1. Set IPPBX1 as a primary server.

  1. Check the option “Enable Hot Standby”.
  2. Set the mode to “Primary”.
  3. Fill in the secondry server’s hostname and IP address.
  4. Set an access code. The two PBX must have the same access code to authenticate connection.
  5. Set Virtual IP address, subnet mask.
  6. Set “Network Connection Detection”. We recommend that you enter the gateway address. If all the nodes fail to be detected, it means that the PBX’s network connection is abnormal. The PBX would run as the Standby server after the network recovery.
  7. Click “Save” and “Apply”.

2. Set IPPBX2 as a secondary server.

  1. Check the option “Enable Hot Standby”.
  2. Set the mode to “Secondary”.
  3. Fill in the primary server’s hostname and IP address.
  4. Enter the access code. The access code must be the same with that on the primary server.
  5. Set Virtual IP address, subnet mask. You must set the same virtual IP address on the primary server and secondary server.
  6. Set “Network Connection Detection”. We recommend you enter the gateway address.
  7. Click “Save” and “Apply”.

What is the Virtual IP address for?

  • Virtual IP address is a shared IP for the two PBXs. The virtual IP always point to the on-site PBX.
  • You should use the virtual IP address as server IP address when registering extensions in the local network.

3. Reboot the two PBXs to make hot standby service take effect.

STEP 4. Test hot stanby service.

Create an extension in the primary server, save and apply the changes. We can see the same extension is added automatically in the standby server.


  • The extension status and trunk status is invisible in the standby PBX.
  • Since the password setting was also synchronized, you need to log on the secondary server using the same password with it on the primary server. 
  • If you want to upgrade the PBX firmware, you MUST disable hot standby feature first.

Hot Standby Failover Notification

Next, please set hot standby failover notifications for the two PBX. If the on-site PBX is down, you could receive failover notification.

STEP 1. Go to “Settings > Event Center > Event Settings”, enable Notification for “Hot Standby Failover Action”.

STEP 2. Make sure you have notification contacts created on the PBX.

S-Series PBX supports email notification, call notification and SMS notification. Please make sure you have configure the relevant settings properly before you choose a notification method.

Notification Method Relevant Configurations
  • System Email
  • Available GSM/3G Trunk
  • System Email
  • Email to SMS
  • Notification Contact "Mobile Number"
Call Mobile
  • Notification Contact "Mobile Number"


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    Hi, i have 2 S100 working with HotStandby configuration. Can you tell me the correct way to do a firmware update of the two S100? 

    Here says that i must disable the HotStandby feature. The next step is update the firmware on both PBX and then turn the HotStandby feature ON again?.


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    Yes, please disable HotStandby feature first, after that, update firmware for both PBX then turn on the HotStandby again.

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    Would it be possible to have  3 unit working with Hot Standby configuration. Like having 1 primary and 2 secondary or 1 primary, 1 secondary and 1 tertiary.



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    hola,  queria saber si    las IP con sitio primario y secundario tienen que ser del mismo segmento  o pueden ser diferente? 

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