Follow me with calling to more than one number


In MyPBX, we only can configure one number in the follow me option when it is no answer or busy.
In this guide, we introduce the method to configure the follow me with calling to two external numbers.


Firmware version: XX.19.0.48 & XX.20.0.21
Ip address of Mypbx:
Registered Extension: 300
Un-registered Extensions: 301 and 302

Step 1:
Set up the ring group( 620 ) which includes the extensions 301 and 302 as shown in the below.
Strategy: Ring all simultaneously
Selected: 301(sip) 302(sip)

Step 2:
Go to the extension 300 page and then configure the follow me : no answer to the number 620 as shown in the following:

Step 3:
Go to the extension 301 and 302 to set up the always follow me to the external numbers.


In this file, the dial pattern of the outbound route is set up as x. If the dial pattern is 9., you need to enter the number 9+external numbers

Step 5:
Make call for test: when the extension 300 is busy/no answer, the number 123456 &456789 will ring simultaneously.

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