How to Monitor DND Status


In a boss-assistant scenario, the assistant needs to prevent the boss from disturbing phone calls. In this case, the assistant needs to monitor the boss extension’s DND status. 

This guide introduces how the assistant monitors the boss extension’s DND status using IP phone BLF keys. The following instructions are based on Yealink T28 IP phone.

  • Boss’s extension: 1000
  • Assistant’s extension: 8888

How to Monitor DND Status

Follow the steps below to monitor extension DND status.

Step1. Log in the assistant’s IP phone web interface, check the extension is registered on which account. As the figure below shows, the extension is registered on Account 1.

Step2. Navigate to “DSSKey > Memory Key”, set a BLF key for the Account 1.

  • Type: BLF
  • Value: enter the monitored extension number, “1000”.
  • Line: choose which account/line the extension register to, here we choose “Line 1”.

DND Feature Codes

Log in S-Series VoIP PBX web interface, navigate to “General > Feature Code”, you can see the DND default feature codes.

  • Enable Do Not Disturb: *74
  • Disable Do Not Disturb: *074

BLF LED for DND Status

  • RED: the extension DND is enabled.
  • GREEN: the extension DND is disabled.

If the boss dials *74 on his phone, the assistant can see the BLF LED turn to red.

If the boss dials *074 on his phone, the assistant can see the BLF LED turn to green.

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    I'm testing the Yeastar Cloud PBX with one Yealink T29G and one T27G phones and for some reason this doesn't work as described in this article. The LED turns RED when the extension is on a call but not when it is in DND.

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    Is there a fast method to show all Extension with DND active?

    i.e. in asterisk i usually use the command: database DND show, but it seems not work on Yeastar...

    Kind regards,

    Claudio N.

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