How to Configure Yealink Remote Phonebook

Yealink remote phonebook feature allows you to access your corporate directory right straight from your IP phone. You can simply dial a contact number from the corporate directory.

In this guide, we introduce how to configure the remote phone book on Yeastar S-Series IPPBX. And before configuration, you need to prepare an XML formatted phone book.

Also, you can refer to a video guide: How to Configure Remote Phonebook for Yealink


Preparing XML Phonebook

XML phonebook enables the Yealink phone to access an XML-formatted phone book which is located in an HTTP/TFTP/HTTPs server.





















The XML file can be edit by UltraEdit or Windows Notepad. Please note that the Yealink XML phonebook supports only ASCII and UTF-8 encoding. You can change the words marked with red font, and do not change the words with black fonts which are the fixed format for the XML phonebook.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • <xxxIPPhoneDirectory>

You can change xxx to your company name, for example, <YeastarIPPhoneDirectory>

  • <Telephone>number</Telephone> supports three formats:
    1. Telephone number, for example, <Telephone>1234567890</Telephone>
    2. user@host, for example, <Telephone>302@ </Telephone>
    3. SIP URL, for example, <Telephone>sip:301@</Telephone>

When you finish the configuration, save the file as an XML file. Here we save it as “Yeastar.xml”.

 Save .xml format phone book


Configuring Yealink Remote Phonebook on S-Series IPPBX

Follow the steps below to configure Yealink remote phonebook on Yeastar S-Series IPPBX. 

STEP 1. Upload the XML phonebook file to S-Series IPPBX.

  • Log in Yeastar S-Series IPPBX, navigate to “Settings > System > Security > Service”, enable TFTP service, the PBX will be a TFTP server.

Enable TFTP Service on S-Series VoIP PBX

  • Go to “Auto Provisioning > Upload Files”, click “Upload a file”, and choose the prepared XML phone book file to upload.


Now, the XML file is uploaded to the S-Series IPPBX TFTP server. The access URL is tftp://IP of S-series PBX/upload/autopfile/phonebook name.

In this example, the access URL is:


STEP 2. Enter the phonebook access URL for the Yealink phones.

  • Go to “Auto Provisioning > Device List”, select the desired Yealink phone(s), click  to edit the phone(s).
  • Click “Feature” tab, enter the phonebook URL, and phonebook name.

Configure Remote phonebook on S-Series VoIP PBX

  • Click “Save” and click “Yes” to confirm rebooting the phone(s).
  • The phone(s) will apply the changes and download the phonebook.


Using Yealink Remote Phonebook

After the Yealink phone boots up, you can access your corporate directory via the phone user interface.

  • Press “Menu > Directory > Remote phonebook”.

If Remote phonebook is added to the directory, press Directory->Remote phonebook to enter remote phonebook.

  • Select the desired remote group.

 Select the desired remote group on Yealink IP Phone

  • Press the “Enter” soft key to load the corporate directory.

 Upload the remote group on Yealink IP Phone

  • Press the “Back” soft key to return to the previous interface.

Note: different IP phone firmware versions may have different phone user interfaces.

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    Is there any way to specify the ring type using the phone book? I noticed this XML format is different than the Yealink format, can we just upload that XML file?

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    I can see the xml file on the phone but when i click on it i get the error "cannot download remote phonebook!"

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