Manually Register a Polycom Phone to Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX

Follow the steps below to configure Polycom phones.

  1. Press the Menu key on the phone, go to “Settings > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameter” to check the phone’s IP address.
  1. Type the IP address in your browser. HTTPonly is supported since UC Software 5.5.0 only. Log in the phone using https if your phone version is above 5.5.0. For example, type in your browser.
    • Login as: Admin
    • Default Password: 456

    Note: if the phone’s web service mode is not enabled, please enable it on the phone.

  • Press Menu key on the phone, go to “Settings > Advanced”, enter the password 456.
  • Go to “Administration Settings > Web Server Configuration”, configure:
  • Web Server: Enabled
  • Web Config Mode: choose HTTP or HTTPS
  1. Go to “Settings > Lines”, and choose a line to configure.
  1. Enable “SIP Protocol”.
  1. Expand “Identification” option, and set as follows:
  • Display Name: set the name you want to appear on other phone’s display when calling other phones.
  • Address: fill in the extension number.
  • Label: set the name you want to appear on the phone display.
  1. Expand “Authentication” option, and set as follows:
  • User Login Credentials: Disable
  • User ID: fill in the extension’s “Register Name”.
  • Password: fill in the extension’s “Registration Password”.
  1. Expand “SIP Server 1” option, and set as follows:
  • Special Interop: Standard
  • Address: fill in Yeastar S-Series PBX’s IP address.
  • Port: 5060 (the default SIP port on Yeastar S-Series PBX)
  • Transport: UDPOnly
  • Register: Yes
  1. Go to “Settings > SIP” page, set the “Digitmap” to blank, which allows the user to dial any number out.
  1. Click “Save”.
  1. Check the extensions status. If the extension is registered to Yeastar S-Series successfully, the “Register Status” will show “Registered”.



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