Integrating Yeastar VoIP PBX with xtelsio CTI Client


With xtelsio CTI client you can control your phone simply by mouse click. It’s possible to dial telephone numbers from within other applications through an integrated TAPI connector. 

In this guide, we tested xtelsio CTI Client version 3.0.033, and introduce how to integrate Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX with xtelsio CTI client.

Integrating Yeastar IPPBX with xtelsio CTI Client

Step 1. Enable AMI on Yeastar S-Series IPPBX.

1) Log in S-Series IPPBX, navigate to “Settings > System > Security > Service”, enable AMI feature.

In P-Series PBX, navigate to "Integrations > AMI"

2)Specify the AMI username and password according to your needs. Here we set the username and password as below:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

3) Add a permitted IP/submit mask that will be allowed to access S-Series IPPBX through AMI.

Step 2. Configure TAPI device on xtelsio CTI Client.

 1)  Launch xtelsio Client, navigate to“Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI device)”.

 2)Click “Create new Phone dialogSelect TAPI Device > Asterisk”, you can see all TAPI lines of all installed TAPI drivers are listed.

 3) Select ”Asterisk Line 1”and click “Device Configuration”.


  4)  Click “Settings”, and set as the asterisk server as below.

  •  Alias: specify a name for the asterisk server.
  • IP-Address: IP address or host name of S-Series IPPBX(g:
  • Port: 5038
  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

Note: The Username and Password should be the same as you set on S-Series IPPBX AMI settings page.


  5) Click “Connect”, then click “OK”. The xtelsio will attempt to connect to S-Series VoIP PBX. If connected, the status will show“Connected and Logged in”. 

 6)  Configure "Asterisk TAPI Device".

  • Channel: enter “PJSIP/extension number”, for example, “PJSIP/1005”.
  • Your phone number: enter the extension number, for example, “1005”.

Note: the extension must be registered on a softphone or IP phone.

 7) Configure “Parameters for TAPI call setup”.

  • Your Name:specify the TAPI device name.
  • Context: enter “DLPN_DialPlanXXXX” (XXXX is the extension number of the asterisk TAPI device number), for example, “DLPN_DialPlan1005”.


 8) Click “OK”. 

xtelsio CTI Client

Making a Call from xtelsio CTI Client

  1. Dial the desired number on the CTI client dial Here we will call 1006.
  2. Click the dial button ..
  3. The TAPI device number 1005 will ring.
  4. Pick up the call, then extension 1006 will ring.
  5. Extension 1006 answers the call, the call will be established between 1006 and 1005.

Redialing a Number

Click __9.png will ends the current call and start the redial timer(30 sec). On timer elapsed event the number is dialed again automatically.

Picking up a Call

If you want to pick up a call, you can click the pickup button .


  1. Extension 1008 calls to extension 1006.
  2. Click , and enter the extension number 1006.
  3. Extension 1005 will ring.
  4. Pick up the call, you will talk to extension 1008.


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    We have a setup with S50 and Fanvil X serie phones and xtelsio CTI server (with asterisk TAPI) and Xtelsio CTI client's.

    I have stumbeled at a problem with basic funcionality;

    - From CTI I can call out (internal and external) but on internal call the phone always shows own extension not the dialed one

    - on incoming call there is no way to accept the call trough CTI (i tried even the solution as described for U series of PBX)

    - the pressence status on the CTI is not accepted by the PBX and if I set the status on CTI to let's say DND the calls are still getting to extension

    So my question is (since you describe that this is supported CTI aplication) is there a way to get the CTI working as it should for basic funcionality?



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    If multiple terminals are registered with the same extension, and multiple terminals need to ring when calling out, the following configuration is required:

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