Yeastar P-Series System Prompt Download Link


Choose your desired system prompt, check download link to download the prompt file to your local PC then upload to PBX via the web interface.


Applicable Device

Model: P-Series PBX

Firmware: Not required


The language and its corresponding file name:

Czech: sound-cz-*

German: sound-de-*

English: (Britain) sound-en_BR-*

English: sound-en-*

Spanish: (Spain) sound-es-*

Spanish: (Latin America) sound-es_LT-*

Persian: sound-fa-*

French (France): sound-fr-*

Greek: sound-gr-*

Indonesian: sound-id-*

Italian: sound-it-*

Hebrew: sound-iw-*

Dutch:  sound-nl-*

Polish: sound-pl-*

Portuguese (Portugal): sound-pt-*

Portuguese (Brazil): sound-pt_BR-*

Russian: sound-ru-*

Slovak: sound-sk-*

Serbian: sound-sr-*

Thai: sound-th-*

Turkish: sound-tr-*

Cantonese: sound-zh_hk-*

Chinese: sound-zh-*




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