How to Register Linkus Remotely without LCS


  • Model: S-Series Cloud PBX, 
  • Firmware version:




1. Port Forwarding

If users want to use Linkus when they are out of the office, you need to forward the ports of Linkus server on your router.

  • Port 5060 UDP for SIP port
  • Port 5060  TCP — if you use TCP for SIP registration
  • Port range: 10000 - 12000  UDP for RTP
  • Port 8111 (inbound, UDP&TCP) for Linkus server

Reference guide: 


2. Configure NAT settings on PBX

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3. Configure Linkus external port

Go to the menu Settings> Security> Service.

Find the fields and fill in the port number respectively.

  • Linkus Local Port: by default it uses 8111, don't change it.
  • Linkus External Port: it's based on your setting on the router. It can be different with 8111





4. Security Setting

To increase security, we advise to enable the country defense if you users are only in your country or region.



5. Configure Email SMTP setting.

This step is to ensure you can send Linkus login email.

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6. Send Linkus Login email

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7. Login Linkus

Users will receive Linkus login emails. They can log in to Linkus clients by scanning the QR code or pasting the link provided in the emails.

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