Zoho CRM integrate with P series PBX Hot issue & FAQ


Applicable to:


  • Firmware: Version or later


  • PBX firmware: Version or later


  • PBX firmware: All.


1. Does the P series PBX support integrate with Zoho desk, Zoho One?

The integration is currently only supported for the Zoho CRM application and is NOT supported for other related Zoho applications, such as Zoho One, Zoho Mail, Zoho Recruit, etc.

But in December this year, the new firmware will soon support the Zoho desk


2. Does the PBX need any license?

Yes. Yeastar P-Series Enterprise Plan (EP) or Ultimate Plan (UP).


3. Is there any difference between the S series and the P series when connecting to Zoho CRM?

Yes, P series PBX supports Contact Synchronization and Automatic Contact Creation

Features. The S series does not have this feature.

Click to call in P series PBX requires the Chrome linkus extension to be installed and used.


Contact Synchronization

Synchronize CRM contacts to an associated PBX phonebook when receiving inbound calls from Zoho CRM contacts. After that, the caller's name is automatically shown on the Linkus clients or IP phone when receiving the call.

Automatic Contact Creation

A new contact or lead will automatically be created in CRM for unknown inbound calls or outbound calls.


4. How to integrate the P series PBX with Zoho CRM

Please refer to our official guide from the below link.



5. Why is the contact information modified on the CRM, but not synchronized to the PBX?

Changes on CRM will be synced at any time within 30 minutes, not in real-time. Or it will be synchronized once when more than 200 contacts are modified.


6. How to use click-to-call?

Install 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' Chrome extension and set up Linkus Web Client to work with the Chrome extension. Users can click on any detected phone numbers on the Zoho CRM web page, a call is then sent out directly via a PBX extension.


7. Why does the browser not pop up the contact information, but only receive a missed call reminder?

If you close the web browser or Linkus Web Client tab, you can NOT receive calls. To avoid this, you can install the Chrome extension 'Yeastar Linkus for Google', which allows you to receive a call popup even when the web browser is closed.


8. Why the browser pop-up tab does not appear but only works on Linkus For Google App?

The pop-up window might be blocked by the browser. In this case, you need to click on the blocked icon at the search bar, allow the pop-up window and website redirection, and then click done.


9. Why does the browser pop-up tab prompt 'The record you are trying to access is not available?

This is because all the Contacts or Leads are created under the Admin account, if the Admin account does not assign this contact to this Zoho user, then when the linkus client of Zoho User receives the incoming call and Pop-up, the browser tab will prompt this error.

If you need to display the caller information on the tab, then you need Zoho Admin to assign this caller to this Zoho User on Zoho CRM.



10. Why I have tied each Zoho user to his extension in Yeastar, but New Contacts and Leads keep being created under the admin account?

Yes, the P series integrated with Zoho, all new caller numbers will be created under the Zoho Admin account and cannot be automatically assigned to the Zoho user account. Even if the incoming call is to this Zoho user. 

This is because the Zoho API does not have the function of automatic allocation. So currently, these contacts can only be assigned to Zoho users through the admin account manually.


11. On Zoho User's CRM web page, I can only see the Caller number, but not the called number, where can I see the detailed call information (destination number)?

Click this caller number (information) on the CRM Contacts tab or Leads tab in the Zoho admin account, there is a detailed record on Closed Activities.


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