SSerie IVR - QUEUE - system Prompt choice


one option that I find really lacking in the Sseries is being able to choose the prompt system in the IVR or the QUEUE.

I have a few clients who have IVR menu or multi-language French & English queue but once the client is in the menu if the system is configured with French as the main language the prompts that it receives are in French even if it is in the English menu.

is it possible to set the prompt choice in the IVR and queue menu? on the Sseries?

example when a person arrives in an English queue, the prompts that I recorded with the client are in English, on the other hand when the PBX indicates to the client its possition in the queue if the system is in French, the prompt that the client hear is in french then I have no way to choose the prompt system by IVR or QUEUE.

Thank you very much I think it would be appreciated by a lot of people.


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