How to see transferor ID on forwarded calls

Hi guys, i have the following task at hands:

We use an S50 PBX and an Akuvox R26B door phone with five push buttons.

For each push button i can apply up to 5 speed dial numbers which will then be called simultaneously.

Only two SIP accounts can be registered in the door phone.

However, i would like the recipients of the speed dial calls to be able to determine which button of the door phone was pressed.

So my idea was to create five dummy extensions. If push button 1 is called, dummy extension 1 (DE1) is called, if push button 2 is called, dummy extension 2 (DE2) is called and so on.

Then i want the dummy extension to automatically call a ring group like this:

My hope was that the phones which belong to the ring group would then show DE1 as the caller ID. But this does not work.

Can anyone give me a hint how to achieve it?

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