Yeastar Neogate TG400 multiple ip to mobile routes with dial patterns not working


I'm using Neogate TG400 with a SIP trunk to freePBX, all is working fine, I succeeded to setup inbound and outbount routes and its working.

But now in my TG400 i have 3 sim cards and i want the Neogate to route outbound calls to one of the sim cards depending on dialpatterns.

so as you can see in picture below, i have define 3 ip-to-mobile routes, each one receiving calls from freePBX and routing it to one of the 3 GSM ports.

But when test, a call will only go if the number matches dialpattern of the route in the first row, anything else wont work, and this behaviour is consistent, i've tried removing the first row, and which ever row, becomes first, that only will work.

Here is my config:  all 3 routes have similar settings: 

I really don't see what i'm doing wrong, and after a lot of trying and searching, i got no solution, so i would like to ask your help!  



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