Question about Yeastar N412 PBX


My ISDN line in my local office was converted to VOIP. Router is connected to my N412 PBX via VOIP1, VOIP2 to two FXO ports. There is a number of analog phones, a fax and an alarm system.  After the convertion to VOIP i have the following problem: 

When we have an incoming call and we answer that call, then at the second incoming call (while first channel is busy) we hear at the phone the indication that we are having a second incoming call, but what we really want is the phones to ring in order to answer the second incoming call to another device in the office.

As it has something to do with the incoming routes, do i have to purchase a BRI module for my N412 and connect it to a BRI port (i have a router with a BRI port from my provider but have not opened it) or is this possible via settings in my PBX? Does it have something to do with call waiting?

Thanks in advance for every opinion and suggestion.


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