S20 DnD status on BLF

We have an S20 (latest Firmware V30.14.0.97). Our phones (HTEK UC903) are configured to send the DnD status to the server (PBX). We use the phones' BLFs for monitoring the other extensions, call pick up and forwarding.

Now our issue: In Linkus I can see, if an extension is on DnD, but not on the other phones' BLF anymore. When I switch a phone to DnD, the extension's busy lamp goes to red on all other phones, but only for 2 seconds (or so). Then goes back to green (extension available), although DnD is active (and working, the extension is not reachable). I would think, that with previous versions of the PBX's firmware this was not the case. The extension's BLF stayed on red on all other phones, if an extension was on DnD.

Please advice!

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