Inbound Route Unitymedia by setting username

Hello Forum,

i have a problem creating a inbound route for unitymedia sip-accounts on a yeastar s20 pbx.

The registration on a SIP-Server works with all my numbers, where you have to specify your sip-data according to the scheme username: n123456789_1, your password and the sip server.

Normally you create a inbound route by specify a did pattern according to the number(for example 0049021116729341 belongs to the username n123456789_1) that you want to reach form outside to your extension.

But in this case it doesn't work.

I made a wireshark scan where i made a discovery that surprised me. The SIP-Invite includes the username instead of the phone number you are dialing from outside.


I have no idea how to link the username to the number in a inbound route, because the username contains a underscore that is not allowed to use in the inbound routes.


Maybe someone has a idea or solution for this kind of sip-account.

I would appreciate.


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