One gateway, multiple apps


I would like to see the following with Yeastar gateways:

  • Asterisk 13, updated web interface.
  • Two hardware, maybe one the size of an S50 and the other 19 inch
  • On each hardware, a very cut down chipset to populate with cards. Build it up the same way S100/S300 is, when you buy a core product (one of two), then install cards to create whatever you want.

I feel that in this way, the gateway can be multi-purposed. There are some TA410/810 out there that, with the above method, you can take out the O2 cards and put S2, and have a new product.

It would also give the possibility of a multi-gateway, for example one S2 card and one 4G card would then make it a combination of a TA200 and a TG100.

It would also be cheaper overall to manufacture, and future proof the hardware.


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