TG100 works only with STARTTLS


We have several TG100 GSM gateways. When I try to configure 'SMS to Email' feature, it is not working over TLS.

Some of our providers blocking smtp port 25, so I configured ssmtp over 465. But when I try to send test email, it fails. I connected to gateway via ssh and try to debug that. What I found:

ssmtpsms fails with timeout trying to connect via STARTTLS (our mail server uses TLS). Then I changed /etc/smscore/ssmtp.conf, commented out line UseSTARTTLS=YES (leaving UseTLS=YES) and make it readonly with chattr +i (because with every email send that conf file is overwritten). Then ssmtp successfully send emails BUT after reboot conf file is overwritten again.

And another yet issue: when i try to make ip address 'static' on dhcp server (mikrotik), gateway ignores it and receive another free ip address.

PS: our TG100 gateways comes with firmware version, but on that site I see only firmware I tried to 'update' one of gw with that firmware, but nothing changed related to that bugs.

PPS: also we have some TG200 3G gateways and here I don't see that bugs.


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