【Linkus】settings in the App could be controlled by the PBX

【related features】



Planned, but not sure when can it be implemented

【customer’s idea】

-It would also be nice if some of the settings in the App could be controlled by the PBX as we are finding end users are not doing the correct setup so as turning off call waiting, changing codec to a-law, turning on bluetooth car mode, enabling background settings etc. This may be more of a product suggestion.


-The ILBC Codec does not work efficiently.

We usually make customers use it by choosing A-Law codecs.

Today, a customer with about 100 linkus users wants to use G729 by default.

It would be difficult to explain the way to change this to 100 or so users.

Is there a way to specify which codec Linkus will work with when sending a Welcome Email to users


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