【Permission】【Call report】show call report to corresponding role

【related features】

Call Report/ Permission


Planned, but not sure when can it be implemented

【customer’s idea】

Our Call Centre Managers need access to Call Centre Reports. Currently in the Roles there is no option to give access to specific Call Reports. The only option is to provide access to all reports. We can schedule reports but the Call Centre Managers need the ability to extract specific reports related to the Call Centre as required.

The call centre manager does not need to or even allowed to see the call reports relating to calls made by the CEO or Board Chairman.

They do not want scheduled reports.

They want the ability to extract their own reports related to the call centre and the agents as they see necessary.

The reports already exist. I don't see why it is impossible to make them accessible on a limited basis just as has already been done for CDR.

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