feedback survey after outbound calls

【related features】

Feedback survey


Not Planned, not sure if there is a wide range of use cases

【customer’s idea】

We are currently using the system and it works great; however, we are facing a problem with the Survey (Feedback).

Outbound Calls - When our agents initiate the call to the customer and ends the call, the Survey (Feedback) does not work. The customer doesn’t receive it.

if our agent calls a customer and the customer hangs up, they should receive a survey call which will give them the option if they were satisfied from the service the agent provided, which from 5 is for satisfied and 1 for not satisfied.


At the end of an outbound call from a PBX agent, the system automatically initiates a questionnaire call for the customer to give feedback based on the call prompts, which the PBX can then collect and generate a report.

This satisfaction survey could be a separate functional module, including:

- Choose whether to enable it or not.

- Select trigger conditions: inbound, outbound, from which trunk, to which extensions, queue enabled, etc.

- Customizable alert tones

- View report permissions and other features

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