【Linkus】default settings on Linkus mobile

【related features】

Linkus mobile


Planned, but not sure when can it be implemented

【customer’s idea】

With the settings I have included in the email to them, is there any reason why they shouldn't have them on?

-Background mode should be default

-Car Bluetooth should be default, unless it is going to negatively impact something else from working normally, in which case if it is then this is a big flaw

-Echo Cancellation, if enabled shouldn't impact anything else, should it?

-Putting debugging on just means the app is capturing data to be able to supply in case of a fault, this needs to be on before a fault occurs, so why wouldn’t that be the default?

-Codec ilbc, is there any issue with this being the default? whenever we have had problems, we've been told to change to that


Change default template on Linkus mobile

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