【Call Report】【CDR】Schedule reports to multiple emails& seperate “Extension Call Statistics” report

【related features】

Call Report/ CDR


Planned, but not sure when can it be implemented

【customer’s idea】

1- On “Extension Call Statistics” report have a field that shows inbound and outbound calls on the same report rather than separate reports (we know we can use the all function but this then doesn't split it down unless we generate separate reports).

2- The ability to add multiple emails to schedule reports (currently can only set one email address, would be much better if we could add multiple emails so the report can be sent to multiple users to save us creating multiple reports).

3- The ability to auto download CDR's and email CDR's and schedule sending CDR files.

Ideally users would be able to go into the CDR section of the system and schedule download of the CDR's and schedule the CDR to be emailed to a customer (the same as you can do in the call reports section).


-add inbound and outbound type to the call report

-add multiple email address to the scheduled report

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