【Call Report】Repeat numbers

【related features】

Call Report


Not Planned, not sure if there is a wide range of use cases

【customer’s idea】

Repeat numbers – Client? Customers? Personal?

As with so many extensions, it’s very hard to control who phones who. So having a report that could list most dialed numbers per extension would be great.

There are about 2500 calls a day most of them to new clients so technically a number should not be phoned more than 5 times in a month.

The Managers want to be able to detect when someone is abusing the company phones for their own personal use.

A call report is needed I think.

This report will go and count each call that has the same source and destination so that we can filter to see all those with a count of Higher than X


Add a new type of call report with below information

[Extension | Dialled number | amount of calls]

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