【Call Report】Avg numbers of transfers

【related features】

Call Report


Planned, but not sure when can it be implemented

【customer’s idea】

Avg num of transfers – showing how easy it is for a customer to get to the right person

The manager wants to be able to track a call that comes in and see how it transfers from inbound route, to IVR to Queue to Escalation Queue, Failover reception. Reason for this is the Managers want to see how efficient the call routing is, if people get lost or if they get to the right person right away.

Just some more clarity and perhaps something you can add to the P Series is queue Escalations.

What I have done currently is create 5 Queues for each department level1, level2, level3…

If the call is not answered after 60 seconds, then level 2 gets involved which is managers, then level 3 regional managers and so on for every 60 seconds

Hens the reason our managers want to see the call route so that they can see how many calls was escalated.


Add a new type of call report with below information

[inbound number | number of transfers | transfer route (trunk>IVR1>IVR2>Queue1>Extension101) | Time of call | time up to last transfer]

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