【Call Center】【Queue】Add agent status options

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Planned, but not sure when can it be implemented

【customer’s idea】

Agent Status: The status features are limited. There is no option for wrap or break, these are important features to have. For wrap, after every call, one must wrap in order to make file notes. Currently, with Yeastar we have to press the pause button to wrap. We also do not have a break function, for breaks. These features are important for tracking what everyone is doing, to ensure we do not lose calls unnecessarily whether at the office or at home. When working from home, I need to be able to track what everyone is doing. The current pause functionality on Yeastar does not help at all for tracking purposes.

Time: This is linked to the first point. There is time allocated for each activity, lunch/break/wrap. On Yeastar, there is no way to track how much time each person spends on each of these. It is difficult to track the reason why someone is on Pause and to see how long they have been on pause. Tracking time is very important. Currently, we have no way of seeing how long a person has been on lunch. I cannot track how long a person has been on wrap/break. I cannot distinguish what the reason for the pause is.

Reporting: Due to the fact that there are no wrap or break times, I cannot generate a report on the wrap and break activity for each person. There is only a generalized report on the paused activity of each agent, without any context.


1-add agent status, for example like lunch/break/wrap

2-add how long the agent has been in a certain state in report type “Agent Pause Activity”

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