Welcome to Yeastar Community Ideas !

In the Community Ideas Portal, we encourage you to share your ideas and feature improvements for Yeastar products. You're invited to browse existing ideas, vote on features you would like to see, and leave comments sharing your use case.

What is the difference between "Community Ideas" and "Feature Request" ?

The "Community Ideas" can be described as a superset of "Feature Requests".

So far in "Feature Requests", you can only see end users post their request and sometimes see Support Team members join in the discussion, and many times you know your requests have been submitted but don't know how is this requirement progressing.

But in "Community Ideas", Support Team members will also post ideas. These ideas are all about features that we plan to implement on P-Series in the future, but we're not sure when we'll be able to bring these updates.

We want to gather feedback from you, to see which requests have been strongly responded to, so we can raise the priority of some specific requests, then ask our R&D to develop them much faster.

How to vote and where to see the result ?

It's right next to the avatar.

And you can see the result either in the "post" page or "topic" page.



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