Yeastar TG200 feature request

Feature request for TG200

Hello support,

For our customers (yachting industry) is the monitoring of equipment very important since most of the equipment is locked away in, sometimes hard to access, locations.

We mostly use SNMP to monitor equipment uptime and various statistics, for the GSM gateway we would like to monitor at least the following:

  • SIM registration status
  • SIM usage time
  • GSM signals
  • SIP registration status
  • Uptime

Furthermore, we use an unauthenticated email relay to send emails out. However, at the moment in the software, both SMTP and POP3 are combined in the settings. Therefore a password currently is mandatory, causing our outbound SMS to Email to fail. Would it be an option to either split the SMTP/POP3 settings or make the password optional?


Thanks in advance.





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