Yeastar N412 pjsip.conf


We have a Yeastar N412 running on one of out customer site. Now we have a issue with that device, for some reason when i try to configure a setting under PBX -> Advanced Settings -> SIP Settings it will not save the changes.

When i login via the CLI to the Yeastar PBX and check the pjsip.conf file it is empty.

With TCP dump i do see that IP Phones are trying to register, but the system is sending ICMP unreachable as respone. 

It looks like the Asterisk service is not running in a correct state and is loading a empty pjsip.conf file. 

I tried to update the firmware to the same firmware version so that the system would restore the software (System is running on latest firmware). 

Did anyone ever experience a issue like this or does someone have a idea what this could be?


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