Company contacts limit on yealink phones


Recently I've had a complaint about a customer that a Yealink T58 doesn't display all company contacts (about 3300).

I made a quick search and found this statement on Yeastar documentation:

"A maximum of 1000 company contacts and 300 personal contacts can be displayed on an Yealink phone."

However a phone like T58 can support more as long as the xml file is only up to 1.5MB as stated in Yealink documentation:


Is Yeastar doing any sort of limitation as to how many contacts the phone can query?

I've opened a ticket on Yealink and they said to try a new firmware they gave me the link to, and that they were able to have over 3000 contacts upon testing, however through Yeastar provision I'm only getting exactly 1000 contacts.

If Yeastar is limiting this is it possible to overcome in any way?

In this case system is an S100 which supports up to 5000 contacts.


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