Linkus Client App and Contacts list

I would like to be able to Store the codes for "Time Condition Override" in the Linkus Contacts list. These are typically *801 *802 etc . I could label them as required in the Contacts Eg. Day Service , Night Service, Remote Office 1, Remote Office 2 etc . Some customers have multiple codes and they are all different from one customer to another. These codes can be manually entered but no customer can be expected to remember all the codes. The problem is that the Contacts list will not accept the * character . I can change the feature code for "Time Condition Override" in the system to a numeric value without * or # but this may not be a good idea.

I have seen other platforms that have remote clients which allow "Time condition switching" in the contacts so why cant we have this on Linkus.

Iam currently trying to replace another brand of system which has this feature on a remote client so was suprised when it was not possible with Linkus.


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