A few things.

- The systems seem to be having memory issues across the board, this causes crashing and forces reboots. No idea on why this continue to happens. Several sources of tech support lead to no conclusions and no responses. I do not know how this is not mentioned in forums more frequently. 

- Auto Provisioning is struggling. I have noticed phones can take up to 15 - 20 mins to actually provision when the command is used through the system. 

- Lack of logs to identify why system is crashing. would be nice to see why our system crashes. The daily logs for that day are inaccessible and you have to wait a full day to see the logs from the day of the event. 


The system is close to being a dangerous weapon. Fix the multisite abilities, fix the systems stability, add the ability to have mailbox cascading hunting. We will be on to something. 

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