P-Series Call Reports optimization

Hello, Call Reports needs some optimization:

1 - Agent Call Summary (and other agent related reports) only allows to select 1 queue at a time, so if there are multiple queues you need to take as much reports as there are queues, it wastes a lot of time for call center supervisors.

2 - It is not clear what is the difference between missed/abandoned calls on a queue, neither in reports or wallboards.

3 - Scheduled reports lacks the ability to merge multiple types of reports on a single email, so if you add this and the inability to do agent reports for all queues all at once you need to add a lot of scheduled reports to be able to get full information, for example:

If there are 5 queues and you want to see Agent Missed Call Activity, Agent Call Summary and overall Queue performance (which would be the most important information) you have to make at least 11 diferent reports. All of the information should be on a single file, maybe divided by pages.


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