Creating standalone voicemail box not tied to physical extension S50 PBX

I am using a Yeastar S50 PBX, with Yealink T42S phones.

Is it possible to create a virtual extension that is just a voicemail box, and not tied to a physical SIP phone?  Perhaps something that just exists in the IVR world? 

We have a phone number where customers call in and can leave messages for two "departments".  One person (George) handles all of these messages. George would like to have them in two separate voicemail boxes to more easily prioritize, rather than having them all going into his extension's voice mail.

My hope is that we could create an IVR sequence for customers to press 1 for Department A or press 2 for Department B.  Dept A's messages could go to George's actual extension voicemail.  Dept B could go to a separate voicemail box (a virtual extension?) that George could dial into separately and check messages.

Is this possible? 

Thank you.  - Jason


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