TA800 with AT&T Syn248


I'm working on configuring a TA800 for use with an AT&T Syn248 telephone system and have a question regarding a off-hook timeout. 

The TA800 is using Firmware  For the most part it is working great.

My question, when I receive a inbound call, the call correctly goes to the AT&T Syn248 where the AT&T IVR message is presented to the caller.  If the caller terminates the call before the IVR message is complete (selects an extension, etc.) the TA800 stays off-hook for about 60 seconds.

Cannot figure out what could be causing this.  The call log on the TA800 and the SIP provider correctly reflect the call being terminated without delay.

When using the Comcast Digital to Analog box I don't see this issue.

Any thought on how to configure this in the Yeastar?

Thanks in advance!



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