Basic questions about Yeastar

I'm trying Yeastar, currently the Cloud version and I have questions:

1 - after the timeout in the queue there is a system message which in Italian is "thanks", can it be replaced / deleted?
2 - before the queue is it possible to insert a personalized message?
3 - how to view ongoing conversations via WEB in real time?
4 - no answer messages and busy extension are missing, can they be activated?

5 - how to view via WEB if the system is day / night? * 800 / * 801 / * 802 etc ....
6 - can I use a Backup on both S20 and S412 and in the Cloud? and on different FW?
7 - how do i delete the photo posted on Linkus' profile?
8 - is it possible to view Linkus user's pswd?
9 - by associating a BLF to the SIP line, pressing it before dialing there is a message that in Italian is "enter the number you want to dial", can you disable / change this message?
10 - where do you set the name of the Yeastar PBX? (what it sends via email notifications)
11 - where do you change Admin's user / pswd to access Yeastar?
12 - a Yealink phone made with Yeastar provisioning, the Yeastar logo appears every 10 seconds, how to delete?





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