Cannot send / receive faxes

I have S50 with FXO (02) and FSO (S2) modules. Our setup is working great, all Yealink phones and one analog phone for testing. We don't use SIP trucks, but only analog PTSN lines. All extensions are working great, within the org and in/out.

I cannot get a fax machine to work. The extension is working good (with an analog phone), but I cannot send and receive faxes. I can send and receive faxes if I disconnect S50 and wire the fax machine directly to PTSN from my provider (I did that to test the line and verify that the problem is not with the fax machine).

I followed all instructions on how to setup stuff on S50, especially for receiving (using IVR and fax detection), but I am not sure what I am missing.

If anybody can give me some tips to troubleshoot, I would greatly appreciate it!


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