P series Multi Tenant feature request

Hi Yeastar,

I would like to add my request for a feature in the P series of Multi Tenant.

Anyone who wants this feature also please upvote me.

The music on hold can contain 4 playlists. These can be provided one to each tenant, with up to 4 pieces of music each (more for P570).

4 Tenants, each with an inbound route. Create star codes on each inbound route starting with the number of the tenant. e.g. *1800 for tenant 1 to reset their inbound route, *2800 for tenant 2 etc. One inbound route per tenant. Carry this feature code per tenant. e.g. *1690 to retrieve park tenant 1 on 690, *2690 to retrieve tenant 2. Call features would also follow the same code, 671x for queues, 621x for ring groups, 651x for IVR for tenant 1. Similarly 672x for tenant 2 queues and so on. Based on S50, this would be 8 IVRs, 4 Ring Groups and 4 call queues per tenant, this would be an acceptable limitation.

The number of call features for single use, would have for 2 tenants and quarter for 4 tenants. Therefore 32 IVRs for single use would be 16 for two tenants and 8 for four tenants based on an S50 specification.

Treat each tenant as its own entity. Internal calls are restricted to their own entity but can be given permission to contact another. For example, 1100 (Tenant 1 ext. 100 cannot call 2100 unless there is permission to call 2xxx groups). We already have extension groups. This way two company can take and transfer calls with one reception phone group.

Contacts can be treated in the same way, for accessibility. Two companies may share the same contact (e.g. a warehouse that stocks for two companies tenant 1 and 2, but not for 3 or 4) can contact the same supplier.

CDR reports are per tenant. Check boxes and associated permissions would be a good idea.

Each tenant would be an independent entity, where some tenants have access to others (partner businesses) and others completely isolated. based on setup requirements.

If anyone has anything else to add I believe this would be a good pursuit of what is already capable hardware to achieve not only a feature popular with other phone systems, but very possible with the hardware as it is.

I think maximum 4 tenants would be enough for most operations and people would be willing in this configuration to not have as many call features (ring groups, IVR) based on the number of tenants giving them slightly less flexibility.

Please upvote if you agree and add any of your own opinions. Thanks for reading. 



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