External Clients / Home Office

Hello everybody,

I would like to integrate external clients / Android phones for an S20 / S50 (home office). However, I am unsure which is the right way to go.

  1. Do I have to use the Linkus Client with the Cloud Service?
  2. I already have a VPN for my notebooks. Can't I simply use the existing VPN with a smartphone and then use a softphone app on the mobile phone or use the Linkus app without cloud service to connect the phone?
  3. Should and can I use the PBX's VPN server to integrate external devices?
    If yes, does it have any advantages over the existing VPN?
  4. Here I read that the Linkus server also works without a cloud service. So I should go this way too?
  5. The documentation says I have to enter the external IP. But I don't have a static external IP, does DDNS work?

As you can see, many questions and I thank you for your time and your answers.


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