Yeastar S-Series PBX API - Cant Download Recording Files

I'm trying to integrate the Yeastar on a 3rd Cloud Platform Application.

Im calling the method /api/v1.1.0/recording/get_random?token={token},

with a successful token, i have made Login Pbx before.

I got a success response, with random string, then i build my download URL, but when im trying to download almost all the times its gives me {"status":"Failed","errno":"20012"}, i have check my URL,

https://{pbx ip}:{https port}/api/v1.1.0/recording/download?recording={recording}&random={random}&token={token}

and the random, token , and recording vars are well placed, the strange think its i already download atleast 1-2 times on my tests.

My pbx ip and https port, are the same i used on my request.


Can someone help me, im trying to figure out this problem for 2 days, and with no success.



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