S100 PBX certificate filename length

When uploading a certificate with a filename longer than 31 characters, the file will upload fine, but the name will be displayed truncated, if the certificate is used in the "Service" section for the HTTPS server, it will not be correctly applied, although the item remains selected after save/reboot cycle, and in the "Certificates" section, the certificate can also not be deleted.

For example, I uploaded a file called:


The file is displayed as:


When selected in "Service", it will not be applied to the HTTPS server, instead the server falls back to the self-signed certificate. The same file, uploaded with a different filename, works fine and is applied to the HTTPS server.

Additionally, I cannot delete the "914f0xxxx5bc.sn.mynetname.net.p" certificate. It's probably due to the file being internally stored with the full name, but only the first 31 characters are stored for selection.


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