Program callforward including destination on function key

hi Guys

I wanted to hear your opinion on the following topic:

In a customer's secretariat, the secretaries have to setup callforward to different numbers every week

To simplify this, I bought an expansion module for the Htek 926e and tried to configure the call forwarding on the buttons on the module an the phone

I have configured it as follows
ART: Call forwarding
GOAL: one of the numbers for each key
Caption: Name of the person to whom the calls are to be diverted

every time, no matter which of the forwarding keys you press, the menu for permanent call forwarding opens OR permanent call forwarding is activated (if a number has been filled in here in permanent call forwarding) but the desired call forward destination which is configered on the key is completely ignored - only swiched on/off to the recently manually filled in number

Is there a feature code that must be used like *71+NUMBER (I tried this, doesn't work too)

Thank you !


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