S-series web interface

The current web interface of the S-series doesn't allow touch screen pinch zooming in&out and scrolling to enable seeing all of the menu option dialog boxes when selected.

I am trying to provide a better service to my customers when I am out on the road, by being able to access their systems on my mobile, using a VPN back to my office.
The GUI is unusable in mobile mode view, but is almost usable using "Desktop site" mode, but not all of the dialog box is visible. This means that further settings and the "Save" button are not visible.

I have tried on different mobiles, browsers, and tablets, and they all have the same problem. The issue is with the system web interface. I also look after 2x Grandstream UCM's and these have no problem with pinch zooming in&out on a mobile using "Desktop site" mode.

The older MyPBX's web interface also work well when accessed from the mobile or tablet, and allow zooming in&out and scrolling.

Can this feature be added to the S-Series? Make a great system even better.


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