Any way to get a visual indicator of ring group + Caller ID name?

Hello, coming over from 3CX which has the feature to append or prepend the ring group or queue to the Caller ID name. This was very useful for the receptionist to be able to visualize what line the call is coming in on before answering.

I see Yeastar has the "Distinctive Caller ID" function in Settings > PBX > General. But from testing, that replaces the Caller ID Name with the Extension # and name of the Ring Group. 

Should I submit a feature request to add the option to prepend/append the ring group name (I assume that would go for call queues and IVRs also) to the Caller ID name, rather than replace it? I am sure other Yeastar users would appreciate the ability to see ring group/queue/IVR name + Caller ID Name + Caller ID Number. Honestly, the group name is all that matters to me--the extension isn't useful for us and could be eliminated (maybe it is to others though).

In the meantime, is there some other way (even with a custom template) to display a visual indication of the ring group the call is coming in on so that I can leave the Caller ID name and number display as-is? I thought maybe I could set a BLF to the ring group extension #, but that doesn't appear to work. Pressing the BLF calls the ring group, of course, but its BLF light does not flash or otherwise change when a call comes in on the group.

I know I can set a distinctive ring tone for the DID(s) in the ring group, but I am looking for a visual indicator as well.

Anyone have ideas? Thanks!


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