Queue, Periodic Announcement - increase frequency to less than 60 secs?

This was raised thru this forum by a user in June 2019 with no comments. The issue still exists in  S20 FW

When creating a new Queue, Caller Experience Settings, Periodic Announcements, Frequency drop down shows nothing less than 60 secs.

yet the default queue 6700 has a periodic announcement frequency set at 30 secs ( but drop down doesnt have anything less than 60s). Tested Que 6700 with periodic announcement at 30 secs and it works.

Creating a new queue comes populated with 60 secs but nothing less.

A work around is to modify the default 6700 queue and use its default frequency of 30 secs.

I would think this would be an easy fix via a FW upgrade? ( cant see this as a fix in latest May 14 th release but havent upgraded as system is near to production and last FW upgrade stopped outbound calls)


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